Hello and welcome to this Enerexxo blog.  On this blog we will investigate the following statement: “The elderly are eager to use technology that will facilitate their lives.”  Allow us to grant you some further insight into the aforementioned statement.

In daily life we become more and more surrounded by technological facilitators designed to help us in our lives. Especially the elderly have a wealth of electronic aids at their disposal.  Examples are adapted phones and headsets, hearing aids, automatic wheel chairs, moving beds, etc…  And this is only the tip of the iceberg. More advanced technology like exoskeletons, which opens a whole new level of communication in the technology-patient relationships, will come available in the not so far future.  All those technologic improvements are a great help to the elderly.  They can communicate better with family and friends, they can move around where they want in their electric wheelchairs,… So, in a way, they don’t lose the way of life which they had before their physical limitations. They can do what they want and go wherever they want, allowing them to retain a certain degree of autonomy and freedom.

But, are our senior citizens really interested in these kinds of technology?  Do they understand how it works? Do they have the will and the capacity to learn how to use it or do they just fear technology?

In this blog we will discuss to which extend the elderly are interested or facilitated by the wide range of technologic improvements, and all discussions that may relate to this.

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