I found a movie on YouTube about an elderly women who can read and write again, all thanks to the apple ipad:

According to the website , the iPad would be THE computer for the elderly. Because his user-friendly design, that is logical and has not too many buttons. I think simplicity is very important when we want to make technology more accessible for the elderly.

Ever heard of gerontechnology?

Gerontechnology is defined as: “Designing technology and environment for independent living and social participation of older persons in good health, comfort and safety.”

Older people want to remain independent, gerontechnology analyzes how technology can help them. Based on this analysis, they create products for the elderly.

You can read more about the vision, mission, values and strategies on the web page of the International Society for Gerontechnology:

There are also books about Gerontechnology:

  1. Herman Bouma, Jan A. M. Graafmans ; Gerontechnology
  2. Jan A.M. Graafmans, Vappu Taipale, Neil Charness; Gerontechnology a sustainable investment in the Future
  3. Thomas L.Harrington, Marcia K. Harrington; Gerontechnology Why and How

I haven’t read all the information yet but I think it’s a very interesting technology, elderly will use technology as long as it is user friendly and simple. If you have an extra interesting articles,  opinion… I like to discuss more on this topic.

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