Something to keep in mind

[I made a new topic because I think this is key statement for our question.]

To refresh our memory and because I think this is a very interesting statement (“The knowledge of generations to come” by Karel):

While we are discussing this matter, we are looking at the elderly of today and searching for the best solution for them. But something we have to remember is that the generation called “elderly” is not a fixed constant. The elderly of today are from a generation that barely knew basic technologies like computers, internet and even television, when growing up. For them, this technological boost is going too fast so adjusting to it and accepting technology in the basic way of life like we, the younger generations, do isn’t as obvious as it is for us. We grew up with computers as a basic machine within a household and compared with our parents, we are computers geniuses. We ‘understand’ the internet because we grew up with it. We don’t need a manual to program our DVD-player because we have a basis technological ‘touch’. We don’t understand why our parents sometimes don’t get the simplest functions or commands on a computer or DVD-player. For us it’s so obvious so why can’t our parents, who are supposed to be smarter than us, figure it out?

And when we look at the generation of teenagers, this technological touch become more apparent. 14 year old children can create websites and even earn money with them. Social networks are as normal to a modern child as playing at the playground was for us and our ancestors. Playing games together doesn’t take place at home during ‘play dates’, instead it happens on the internet using their gaming console. Looking at Moore’s law [1] (applied to information instead of hardware) and Vernon Vinge’s singularity [2], we can only expect this phenomenon the stay and even develop further.














So by the time we are getting older, wouldn’t we use technology to make our lives easier and to keep our independence? I think that even our parent will already be less reluctant to use technology, because they are used to technology in their daily lives.

So should we really focus on something that probably will not last, that is reluctance towards technology?

[1] Moore’s law,’s_law#Other_formulations_and_similar_laws

[2] Technological singularity,

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