Easy technology

In the former posts technology was always descibed as high tech, easy to use and accesible to all.  And yes, some of them were, but nearly all of them were application with a microprocessor in it.  I’d like to point out the fact that there are a lot of other technologies which don’t contain electronics, but are maybe more practicle as others.

For example a bathtub lift or grab bars in the bathroom.  You have from simple design to more sophisticated models. 

I think those solutions are always the first to be implemented in houses of elder people.  Because they have to use it day in day out and there is no big learning curve.  Nobody has to learn how a grabbing device works, so they don’t need any help with this.  They will be happy to use it.

Also this kind of devices are livesavers.  Because certainly in the bathroom where floors are slippery the fear of falling is always present.  And when they fall, maybe they don’t get up again…  Other down to earth, practical technology is a ceiling pole.

This simple pole helps the elderly to get up in the morning without any help.  So they can start the day.

So in conclusion of this post: Not all technology has to be superfancy.  A simple pole or grabbing device can do the trick.

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